The Food and Farm Movement


Workshop Session I: 8:45-10 a.m.

OEFFA’s Narrative: What It Is and How to Use It

Erik Peterson, Bending the Arc Strategies 

The dominant stories we often hear in the media and halls of power support the concentration of corporate power in our food system and put independent family farmers, communities, consumers, and workers on the sidelines. This exploitative story is literally killing us and our planet. We need to change the story. This session introduces the concept of narrative and narrative shift–or changing the story. We will look at what narrative means, why it is powerful and important, and introduce the transformational narrative OEFFA has built that shows us another world is possible.  

Barrel Room

Workshop Session II: 10:45 a.m.-Noon

Climate, Conservation, and Resilience in the 2023 Farm Bill

Heather Dean, OEFFA, Jesse Womack, NSAC 

The 2023 Farm Bill offers a critical opportunity to support organic and sustainable farmers in the fight against climate change. Learn the ways the farm bill can support climate solutions like grass fed grazing, cover crops, perennial systems, state soil health programs, local food systems, composting and food waste reduction, and the development of more resilient public breeds and seeds. Then, discuss how farmers and food advocates can fight for these farm bill priorities.

Woodhull C

Workshop Session III: 1-2:15 p.m. 

Keeping the LAMP Lit: Growing Local Food System Support in the 2023 Farm Bill

Wes King, Office of Senator Sherrod Brown 

Building on previous farm bills, the 2018 Farm Bill created the Local Agriculture Market Program (LAMP), a permanent program to help farmers and communities build and expand local and regional food systems. Hear about ways Senator Brown is already working to improve LAMP in the next farm bill and share your ideas for ways the farm bill can better support Ohio farmers.

River Birch A

Workshop Session IV: 2:30-3:45 p.m

Continuous Improvement of the National Organic Program

Alex Dragovich and Alexis Dragovich, Mud Run Farm, Sal Pinkham, OEFFA, Jim Riddle, Blue Fruit Farm 

This session explores where the U.S. organic movement came from and where it is going, noting its strengths and pointing out its areas for improvement. Join to unpack and discuss the long history, many strengths, and ongoing challenges of organic as we know it.  Bring your experience, opinions, and room for new ideas.

River Birch A


Workshop Session V: 8:45-10 a.m.

Sustainable and Organic Farming Systems and the Pursuit of Climate Change Readiness

Aaron Wilson, OSU Extension 

This session will start with the easiest part of this loaded topic: discussing the observed recent changes in temperature and precipitation, both globally and locally. Then, an audience-driven conversation will dive into the key challenges facing farmers, more specifically those in sustainable and organic farming, considering climate change. The goal is not to leave feeling doom and gloom, but to recognize how personal climate change is, accept the climate challenges that are present, and collectively think about solutions and better outcomes as we pursue climate change readiness.

River Birch C

Workshop Session VI: 10:45 a.m.-Noon

Challenging Monopoly Control of Our Food System

Jessica Cusworth and Angela Huffman, Farm Action 

Who decides where and what food is produced, who produces it and how, and who will get to eat it? These decisions have increasingly migrated away from communities and into corporations. Just a handful of companies dominate almost all aspects of food production, and these monopolies prioritize ownership, wealth, and power—not the public good. This session will examine who controls our food supply and how they use their dominance to influence policy. You will walk away with tools and techniques to challenge monopoly power in the food system in your own communities.

Woodhull C

Workshop Session VII: 1-2:15 p.m.

Climate Action Advocacy for the Farm Bill and How to Talk About Climate with Anyone for Greatest Impact

Karen Jeffers-Tracy, ClimateOhio 

Learn to communicate advocacy and support for climate action in the 2023 Farm Bill. Gain practical tips for avoiding debate, instead engaging in climate conversation. Finding and communicating your uniquely personal perspective is vitally important and needed! Learn some easy hands-on demonstrations you can use in your climate advocacy. 

River Birch C

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