Session III

Friday, February 16 | 1:30-2:45 p.m. 

The Food and Farm Movement

Leveling the Playing Field through Crop Insurance Reform

Billy Hackett, National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition

Dig into crop insurance–this “farm safety net” program–and how it has become a primary driver of industrial agriculture. Then, discuss structural reform opportunities to shift the concentration of resources in the farm bill.

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Sustainable Foundations

Strengthening Organic Enforcement (SOE): What the New Rule Means for Your Operation

Kate Pierfelice, OEFFA

Learn more about Strengthening Organic Enforcement, the new organic rule effective as of March 2023. The date for full implementation and compliance, March 19, 2024, is fast approaching.  Although a large portion of the rule is focused on handlers, there are parts that affect every type of operation, including both crop and livestock. Hear an overview of the rule, how it affects different scopes, resources available from OEFFA, and insight on how OEFFA will be evaluating compliance.

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Backyards, Lots, and Small Plots

When Two Wheels Are Better Than Four: Walk-Behind Tractors for Small-Scale Farming

Joel DuFour, Earth Tools

Learn about what options exist for walk-behind agricultural equipment, which both greatly reduce equipment cost and increase the efficiency of working small farms. Hear the history, construction, applications, economics, and basic maintenance of this equipment.

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Specialty Crops

Powdery Mildew: Conventional vs. Natural Farming

Donetta Boykin, Endigo’s Herbals & Organics and Seven Seed Sowers Co-op

Tired of powdery mildew taking out your squash? As one of the most widespread plant diseases, these spots or patches can be a pain. Glean the best ways to kick powdery mildew off your farm.

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Grain Crops

Thinking Through Diversity: Crop Rotation on an Organic Grain Farm

Thor Oechsner, Oechsner Farms

Explore the fascinating world of organic field crop rotation, talking through why a long, diverse mix of both cash and cover crops are an essential part of successful weed/disease control and healthy soil. Basic principles, as well as crop sequencing specifics, will be covered.

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Livestock and Poultry

Herd Shares in Ohio: Is it for You?

Annette and David Bair, Bair-Trax Dairy

For dairy farmers that believe in the benefits of raw milk and have the desire to stay small, herd shares are a viable option. Learn how Bair-Trax Dairy made the switch from commodity milk to herd shares, how to decide if it is economically feasible for you, and some useful tips and tricks of the trade.

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Personal Resilience


Growing Seedlings and Skills for Agroforestry: Integration of Woody Seedlings and Annual Vegetable Production

Jessica Burns, Kelly’s Working Well Farm

Through growing seedlings in nursery beds in both monoculture and polyculture with familiar herbs and vegetables, this SARE project studied and compared differences in production, seedling quality, and soil health and biology.  The goal was to learn whether woody seedlings could be raised in tandem with annual crops, providing income while growing seedlings to saleable size.  

Business and Marketing

A Farmer’s Story That Hits Different

Sherifat Alabi and Joy Rumble, OSU

Storytelling promotes social learning and can be a powerful tool in bringing awareness and connection to agriculture. Not only will you learn to understand the importance of storytelling here, but also get the chance to draft your own story and brainstorm how it could be used to promote your business or organization.

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Community Conversations

Breaking Ground in Land Access for Farm Seekers Community Discussion

Jerah Pettibone, OEFFA

Are you a farmer looking for land? Collaboratively explore the many factors, needs, and concerns surrounding land leasing, use, and sale. Explore the parallel needs and concerns of land owners, and gain strategies for “bridging the gap” between you and the right farmland. From there, bring what you’ve learned to the OEFFA Land Mixer this evening to connect with landowners already in the community, and carry it forward in your farm seeking journey.

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