Session VII

Saturday, February 17 | 3-4:15 p.m.

The Food and Farm Movement

Shifting the Narrative: How to Apply OEFFA’s Policy Narrative and Cultivate Community

Lauren Hirtle and Milo Petruziello, OEFFA

OEFFA’s policy narrative, a series of statements of belief, drive their advocacy work. Dive into these narrative shifts and learn the tools to best utilize the OEFFA narrative. Along with your own stories, shift the dominant narrative around agriculture and cultivate community through compassionate and deep discussions around food and farm policy.

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Sustainable Foundations

Black Farmers and Climate Adaptation

Maritza Pierre, OSU

Delve into how Black farmers’ experiences with agricultural institutions affect their response to climate change. The overall goal is to invite educators and policymakers to have a conversation on the intersection of racial marginalization and climate adaptation. By informing policies and programs,  we can be better prepared to respond to the needs of Black farmers as it pertains to climate adaptation.

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Backyards, Lots, and Small Plots

On-Farm Cultivation of Goldenseal: A High-Value Ohio Specialty Crop, and Other Forest Botanicals

Andrea Miller, Rural Action

Goldenseal is a high-value specialty crop with a long Ohio history. This native forest botanical is prized and harvested for its medicinal qualities, and almost all of the global demand for it is met through wild harvest. Its commercial value has continued to increase, and it is possible to sustainably cultivate the plant in a traditional forest setting and a nontraditional setting, like raised garden beds. The sustainable cultivation of goldenseal can not only diversify a farming enterprise, but can also help relieve pressure from wild populations. 

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Specialty Crops

Lessons from Design and Installation of an Earth-to-Air Heat Exchanger for High Tunnel Heating and Cooling

Jaden Tatum, OSU

Earth-to-air heat exchangers are low cost, sustainable solutions for season extension that use soil’s insulating properties to provide heating and cooling throughout the year. Through on-farm research, these systems have been designed and installed as standalone or supplemental heating and cooling infrastructure. Learn about the logistics, costs, and the practical and environmental benefits of installing these systems with season extension, and provide input for the development of a tool to aid decision-making for geothermal systems on your own farm.

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Grain Crops

Environmental and Economic Tradeoffs Associated with Integrating Livestock into Cash Grain Cropping Systems

Doug Jackson-Smith, Marilia Chiavegato, and Ryan Haden, OSU

In collaboration with 31 Ohio farms, OSU collected on-farm samples, economic data, and farm management history, documenting the environmental and economic tradeoffs with different approaches to crop and livestock integration. Working with farmers in two regions of Ohio, they will identify the factors that incentivize or prevent this type of farm diversification.

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Livestock and Poultry

Dairy Goats 101

Nellie Rowland, Central State University

Are you considering adding dairy goats to your farm? Understand what structures and equipment you will need to start, what breed of dairy goat works best for your farm and needs, common diseases and pests, plus their prevention and treatment, and the basic care needed to own dairy goats.

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Personal Resilience

Leveraging Partnerships for Inclusive Climate-Resilient Community Garden Projects

Dianne Kadonaga, Sunny Glen Garden

Gain insights from a successful hyper-local urban community building project that addresses food insecurity. By connecting climate-resilient edible forest gardens and wildlife habitat for pollinators and birds, reduce city heat island effect and pollution, minimize flooding, and improve the quality of local streams and rivers. See how to structure and optimize partnerships for greater reach and impact, with ideas on how to be more inclusive of our BIPOC, seniors, veterans, and low income households.

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Business and Marketing

On-Farm Realistic Expectation Setting with Scrum Project Management

Andrea Heim, Encouragemint LLC

If you feel overwhelmed and lacking boundaries when it comes to farm work, on-farm scrum is a method of using empirical data to provide realistic limits to what you and your crew are truly capable of in a day, week, or season. You can start today by collecting data and walking through a sprint planning session. Learn how to say no to the farm and get a life outside of the field!

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Community Conversations

Building a Farm Labor, Skill Share, and Volunteering Network

Erica Powell and Abbe Turner, OEFFA

Learn about OEFFA’s new community engagement platform, GivePulse. Walk through a demonstration and meet with people who want to make an impact, learn new farm skills, and serve others.

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