Workshops 2023

Feb. 18

Workshop Session VII: 1-2:15 p.m.

The Food and Farm Movement

Climate Action Advocacy for the Farm Bill and How to Talk About Climate with Anyone for Greatest Impact

Karen Jeffers-Tracy, ClimateOhio 

Learn to communicate advocacy and support for climate action in the 2023 Farm Bill. Gain practical tips for avoiding debate, instead engaging in climate conversation. Finding and communicating your uniquely personal perspective is vitally important and needed! Learn some easy hands-on demonstrations you can use in your climate advocacy. 

River Birch C

Sustainable Foundations

An Overview of Silvopasture and Forest Farming Practices 

Andrea Miller and Molly Sowash, Rural Action 

Agroforestry practices can enhance pasture and woodland management, bringing in more revenue and conservation value for farmers. This session will discuss silvopasture, the practice of planting and managing trees, livestock, and forage together for enhanced shade and fodder, and the multi-story cropping practice known as forest farming. Through exploring implementation, management, and financial considerations, you will develop a clear picture of how and why an increasing number of farms are adopting these systems. 

River Birch B

Backyards, Lots, and Small Plots

Animal Exclusion for the Home Gardener 

Nick Leone 

This session will examine the animal exclusion system successfully used for the past 20 years in multiple locations,  all with heavy pressure from deer, groundhogs, and rabbits. The Leone family system was pieced together from components of various other techniques–some of which were learned at previous OEFFA conferences—and is effective and adaptable. 

Barrel Room

Specialty Crops

Heating the Winter Tunnel: Is It Worth It? 

Dana Hilfinger, Johnny’s Selected Seeds 

Is it worth it to use supplemental heat in a winter tunnel? In a project funded by North Central SARE, the costs versus benefits of using heat in tunnels during the winter was tested. Does the added cost pay off? For what crops? This session will look at scenarios where it makes sense to heat, and share practical information farmers can use to make decisions about infrastructure investment. 

Woodhull AB

Grain Crops

The Ins and Outs of Hemp Grain Production and Processing 

Craig Schluttenhofer, CSU Extension 

Hemp grain products are currently utilized for human food and industrial applications, with potential future uses in animal feeds. This session will provide information about hemp grain production and processing systems, exploring the steps for successfully cultivating, post-harvest handling and storage, and processing of hemp into value-added products. Demonstrations of hemp products and processing methods will be shared.

River Birch A

Livestock and Poultry

FAMACHA© and Fecal Egg Counting Tools for Shepherds 

Clif Little, OSU Extension 

Learn about internal parasite biology, the use of FAMACHA© and fecal egg counting, and present some points for consideration when managing internal parasites. You will walk away with practical tools to keep your herd healthy and productive. 

River Birch D

Personal Resiliance

Native Plant Seed Saving 

Dianne Kadonaga, Sunny Glen Garden 

The increasing popularity of native plants in the home and conservation landscape is exciting. But mounting pressures on native plant populations makes native seed propagation and collection increasingly vital. With climate change pushing the extremes, an escalation in wild harvesting, and the threat of spreading disease or pests, many species are becoming rare or endangered. Learn the considerations for selecting native plant seeds, tips and tools for easier collection, and proper storage techniques to protect the health and integrity of our local native plant communities. 

Woodhull C

Business and Marketing

Farming in Community: Overview of Types and Benefits of Different Collaborative Models 

Lisa Helm Hancock, Dayton Urban Grown 

Farming can be hard, both physically and mentally. Collaborating with other farmers helps share the load, whether through marketing together, group supply orders or sharing farmland through multi member LLCs or cooperative farms. This session will look at pros, cons, resources, and some examples of beneficial collaborations.

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