Session VI

Saturday, February 17 | 1:30-2:45 p.m.

The Food and Farm Movement

A Seat at OEFFA’s Table: Policy Agenda for Urban and BIPOC Communities

Amanda Hernandez, Leonard Hubert, L Hubert and Associates, Bill Miller, Ohio Farmers Union, Celeste Treece, AgNoire Urban Farming Association

Can predominantly white organizations genuinely support and advocate for issues in an industry that has historically discriminated against farmers of color? How can organizations like OEFFA improve their engagement with farmers of color? What are the benefits to urban farmers and food producers of color? This will be an open and frank discussion on coalition building, racial equity, and inclusion in public policy advocacy.

Woodhull B

Sustainable Foundations

The Craft Millers Guild: A Network of Open-Source Peer-to-Peer Learning for Millers

Michelle Ajamian, Rural Action and Shagbark Seed and Mill, Aaron Grigsby, Deep Roots Milling, Eleanor Reagan, Rural Action

Learn about the formation of the Craft Miller Guild,  a community of regional mills from across the U.S. passionate about milling grain and nuts, covering a diverse range of products including flour, grits, cereals, tortillas, and more. Hear about the power of working peer to peer, learning and networking, and the importance of regional staple food systems from farm to table.

Barrel Room

Backyards, Lots, and Small Plots

Tree Fruit Production for Beginning Growers

Michelle Wallace, Central State University

Ohio’s climate is ideal for growing tree fruit, adding diversification to your farm. Learn more about orchard management, production costs, and considerations.

River Birch A

Specialty Crops

From Market Garden to CSA: A Step-by-Step Crop Planning Demonstration

Marc Amante, Central State University

Are you a market gardener or small grower looking into starting a CSA for a regular income? One of the keys to CSA success is making sure your customers get a bounty of diverse crops every week. A robust crop plan is essential to both meeting your customers’ needs and helping you weather challenges that arise. Walk through developing a crop plan for a new 20-member CSA farm operation, understanding the tips, tricks, and organizational strategies to succeed.

River Birch B

Grain Crops

The Basics of Surface and Subsurface Drainage

Dave Shively, Shively Farm, Don Stinner

Explore the different types of surface and subsurface drainage, and learn more about different drainage strategies and how they may be beneficial to your land.

Denison Room

Livestock and Poultry

Grazing Management: Key Profit Drivers of a Grazing System

Michael Cox, Greenacres Foundation

Discuss the key drivers of profit in a grazing system and how to implement key management practices to increase profit. The discussion will dive into how to decide on stocking rates for a farm, along with how to measure and allocate forage in a rotational grazing system.

River Birch C

Personal Resilience

African Heritage Crops Project

Kamille Austin, Corey Higgs, Mariah Simmons, Clare Thorn, Central State University Extension

African culturally-specific crops, such as heritage green glaze collards, seven top turnip greens, okra,  whippoorwill and iron & clay southern peas, waterleaf, fish hot peppers, and striped toga eggplant and many others, were introduced by Africans hiding and carrying homeland seeds during the African Diaspora. Since the introduction to American agricultural lands, there has been an effort to save seeds and maintain the quality of these food sources. However, growing, locating, and purchasing these crops are limited and difficult to locate in northern regions.

Woodhull A

Business and Marketing

Where am I Going to Sell My Produce?

Walt Bonham, The Food Lab

There are many approaches to selling your produce when it is time to harvest. If you want to sell directly to your community, restaurants, schools, food hubs, and more, there is a lot to consider. Get tips on planning and identifying your market, with an emphasis on finding buyers, aggregation opportunities, and selling produce as a cooperative. 

Woodhull C


Community Conversations

Queer Farmer Breakout Room

Jerah Pettibone, OEFFA

This is a space intended for farmers who identify as LGBTQIA to come together and make connections. It will be a loosely structured conversation around the different joys and challenges we face as queer farmers. If this applies to you, come, meet, share, and connect in community.

Woodhull D


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