Workshops 2023

Feb. 18

Workshop Session VI: 10:45 a.m.-Noon

The Food and Farm Movement

Challenging Monopoly Control of Our Food System

Jessica Cusworth and Angela Huffman, Farm Action 

Who decides where and what food is produced, who produces it and how, and who will get to eat it? These decisions have increasingly migrated away from communities and into corporations. Just a handful of companies dominate almost all aspects of food production, and these monopolies prioritize ownership, wealth, and power—not the public good. This session will examine who controls our food supply and how they use their dominance to influence policy. You will walk away with tools and techniques to challenge monopoly power in the food system in your own communities.

Woodhull C

Sustainable Foundations

#RealSchoolFood—Challenges Working with Schools 

Julialynne Walker, Bronzeville Growers Market 

School breakfast and lunch are a major source of nutrition for children. Incorporating local, nutritious produce into school meals is touted as a major tool to combat the pandemic of childhood obesity and diet-related diseases in the U.S. However, major structural and logistical barriers persist despite recent legislation designed to address these issues. This session addresses the challenges and how concerned producers can play a stronger role. 

River Birch B

Backyards, Lots, and Small Plots

Biological Control for Waxworms and Hive Beetles in Honeybee Hives 

Nadia Ruffin, Quiwi Produce 

This session will demonstrate how Bt bacteria can be used as a biological control for waxworms and hive beetles inside honeybee hives. The overall goal is to improve honeybee colony health and prevent colonies from absconding or being killed by infestation caused by these insects. 

River Birch C

Specialty Crops

Rollin’ Out the Bale 

Mick Luber, Bluebird Farm

Long time organic farmer Mick Luber will share how he adapted Ruth Stout’s gardening methods to make commercial vegetable production easier on his farm. You will explore topics from bale production to vegetable harvest as he demonstrates his mulching system using both large round hay bales and cover crops. 

Woodhull DE

Grain Crops

A Beginner’s Guide to Grains Farming 

Timothy Schact, Ohio Till Farmstead 

Interested in getting into grain production but don’t know where to start? First generation farmer Tim Schact will share his journey and knowledge of starting a grain farm from the bottom up. Hear about his experience with accruing land, and the tools and beginner knowledge necessary to start a small grain farm. 

Barrel Room

Livestock and Poultry

Raising Livestock to H.E.A.L. Landscapes: Health, Eating, Agriculture, and Land 

Colin Brown, Gifted Grass Farms 

What do you need to start in the livestock industry from scratch? In this session, learn how to set realistic expectations while raising capital, developing infrastructure, and finding mentorship that will jump start your career in livestock agriculture. Existing and aspiring farmers will learn to use H.E.A.L—Health, Environment, Agriculture, and Land—as a metric for decision making that keeps the whole ecosystem in mind. 

Woodhull AB

Personal Resiliance

Donation Station: A Model for Cultivating Community Food Access 

Susie Huser and Reggie Morrow, Community Food Initiatives 

Stakeholders working on food security often find themselves facing competing priorities: providing immediate access to food, supporting physical and environmental wellness, and supporting sustainable community development. CFI will share their innovative program for developing the local economy, supporting local farmers, and alleviating food insecurity. Hear about the evolution of the Donation Station model, how and why it works, and explore how you can adapt it to build connections, wellness, and prosperity in your own community.

River Birch A

Business and Marketing

Financial Record Keeping for Small Vegetable Farms 

Marcie Todd, Freshtown Farm 

Small farm financial planning can be tricky. Learn how Freshtown Farm makes financial decisions, sets goals, and keeps track of their income statements and cash flow based on real life scenarios. 

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