Workshops 2023

Feb. 17

Workshop Session I: 8:45-10 a.m.

The Food and Farm Movement

OEFFA’s Narrative: What It Is and How to Use It

Erik Peterson, Bending the Arc Strategies 

The dominant stories we often hear in the media and halls of power support the concentration of corporate power in our food system and put independent family farmers, communities, consumers, and workers on the sidelines. This exploitative story is literally killing us and our planet. We need to change the story. This session introduces the concept of narrative and narrative shift–or changing the story. We will look at what narrative means, why it is powerful and important, and introduce the transformational narrative OEFFA has built that shows us another world is possible.  

Barrel Room

Sustainable Foundations

Climate Ready Farming Practices 

April Jones, Pinehurst Farmers Market 

Become your own climate hero! Learn about the ways that you can combat climate to create a more friendly and kind farming practice. This session will teach you how to create your own direct climate action plan, the types of drought-tolerant plants you can plant and profit from, and how to grow revenue at your farm.

Woodhull C

Backyards, Lots, and Small Plots

Enlivening Soil: In Place and Rotational Composting Practices for a Community and Market Garden 

Peter Huttinger, Turner Farm 

Learn about Turner Farm’s approach to transforming an urban in-fill site by using cost effective practices and moderate labor. This session will illustrate how in-place and rotational composting practices combined with cover crops developed the half-acre Price Hill Community Garden. You’ll learn about their unique approach to using long beds of compost windrows parallel with cover crops, and walk away with an idea of how you can apply these techniques to your own garden. 

Woodhull AB

Specialty Crops

Seed Stories: A Deeper Dive into Varietal Production 

Michelle Hochkeppel, High Mowing Organic Seeds 

What happens to seed varieties? Where do they go? Hear about specific organic seed stories, challenges, and triumphs of the multi-faceted process. These stories will offer a glimpse into the importance of building relationships with breeders, farmers, and vendors to develop organic varieties. 

River Birch B

Grain Crops

Organic Corn Hybrid Test Results and Organic Corn and Soybean Budgets for Ohio 

Osler Ortez and Eric Richer, OSU Extension 

This two-part workshop will equip organic grain farmers with the latest information to help with the hybrid selection process. Dr. Osler Ortez will discuss the results of three years of organic corn testing in Ohio, focusing on agronomic and yield parameters. Field Specialist Eric Richer will review the recently completed OSU Enterprise Budgets for Organic Corn and Soybeans, as well as the factors affecting those budgets. You will walk away with key resources and skills to better calculate cost of production.

River Birch C

Livestock and Poultry

Fencing and Weighing 101 

Neil Mentzer, Jr., Gallagher North America 

Gain an understanding of the proper way to manage your pasture with moveable fencing, how to ground energizers properly for better results, and how to weigh your livestock for better feed management. Through a typical farmer’s approach to problem solving combined with the insights of an industry leader in electric fencing, this session will help you avoid overfeeding and animal escapes.  

River Birch A

Personal Resiliance

Plant Invaders of Field and Forest: Invasive Species to Know and Control 

Janell Baran, Blue Owl Garden Emporium 

What is a weed? What makes a weed an invasive weed? Learn to identify and understand several of Ohio’s most common plant invasives, and then explore alternative—and sometimes unexpected—ways to combat them without the use of toxic herbicides. 

River Birch D

Business and Marketing

Launch Your Value-Added Specialty Food Business with Confidence 

Angel King, Blue Jacket Dairy 

Ready to take your value-added food venture from the idea or hobby stage? Do you find the details mind-numbing? Artisan cheesemaker Angel King will demystify and help you navigate the maze of food-related and business issues so you will be motivated to jump through the hoops and make your business dream a reality. 

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