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OEFFA Conference Thursday Special Events
Rebuilding Our Democracy
Understanding and Overcoming the Rural Urban Divide:

The First Step in Rebuilding Our Democracy

Thursday, February 15—1-4 p.m.

River Birch A

Our nation is increasingly divided across economics, politics and culture. While race and class play major roles in this polarization, the divide between urban and rural is perhaps the most talked about yet poorly understood component of our divisions. The Rural-Urban Bridge Initiative’s training, “Understanding and Overcoming the Rural-Urban Divide” provides an in-depth look into both the underlying causes of the divide and what people and groups can do to begin to overcome it. For the OEFFA conference, the workshop will include discussion of how farmers and food and farming advocates in particular can play a role.

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Climate Smart Agriculture

What is the Climate-Smart Agriculture Agenda for Small Farms?

Thursday, February 15—2-4 p.m.

River Birch B

Help the USDA shape a small farm friendly approach to climate-smart agriculture. Hear about some of the key climate change impacts on agriculture in the Midwest and a regional Extension-USDA Midwest Climate Hub project, Climate Ready Midwest. Join small groups and discussions to explore the question: What does climate-smart agriculture mean to you?

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